The BEST Resource for Content that You’re Not Using

The BEST Resource for Content that You’re Not Using


As business owners, we know how important sharing value and posting relevant content to our social media accounts is. It shows consistency and expertise in our particular field and allows us to communicate directly with our audience. This is beneficial because it builds their trust in you, your brand, and also shows that you are not just trying to make a sale.

Let’s be honest though, after coming up with so many topics to share and elaborate on, there may come a time when you get stuck. You start asking yourself, “What can I talk about now—it seems like I’ve covered just about everything already.” Has this ever happened to you? It has definitely happened to me! The great thing is that you don’t have to remain stuck. One of the best ways to break through this wall is to go straight to the source and ask your audience for suggestions.

Why You Should Ask Your Audience

If set up correctly, your social media audience should be made up of primarily your ideal clients. These are the people who you create content for in hopes of eventually converting them into actual clients—so, why not go straight to the source? This is a benefit to not only you, but your audience as well. Involving them in your creative process makes them feel like they are actually an important, appreciated part of your business—and who doesn’t like that feeling?

Another reason why asking your audience is a genius move is because unlike some of your close friends and family, they will be honest with you. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Also, when you allow your followers to give you feedback on the type of content that they want from you, it saves you time and energy that you would have otherwise given to creating content that would generate little to no interest. It’s a win-win situation.

What You Should Ask Your Audience

For best results, you need to make sure that you are asking your audience the right questions. My first recommended suggestion is to find out what they are struggling with and having trouble finding solutions for. The variety of responses that you receive from that question alone should give you content ideas for weeks, and maybe even months! Then, when you address these issues for your ideal clients, you become a  valuable resource for them who they return to often and share with others.

An additional question that you can ask your followers is, “Which of my posts so far have been your favorite and why?” This is a quick way to get into the mind of your ideal client and find out more about how they think. When you know what your audience likes and the things that peak their interest, you will have no trouble creating posts that engage them.


It’s easy sometimes to become discouraged when it seems like we’ve run out of ideas for content creation—but, there are resources and tools all around us.  Thankfully, one of the best resources are the people that we interact with on a daily basis. Our online audience knows what they do and don’t care to see and if we just ask them, they are happy to let us know. They are assets to our business and we should utilize their input in our marketing strategies as often as possible.

Have you ever used this strategy in content creation? What was your experience?

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