3 Successful Digital Marketing Strategies as Shown by DJ Khaled

3 Successful Digital Marketing Strategies as Shown by DJ Khaled

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Chances are that if you are a millennial—or even if you’re not—you’ve heard of or seen DJ Khaled at some point in your life. It might have been by accident while watching television and seeing him pop up in a Weight Watcher’s ad. It could have been on purpose if you are one of his millions of social media followers. The point is that this producer/entertainer is not an easy person to ignore or miss--especially within the context of these last few years and the growth of social media.

Even though I knew and enjoyed a number of his songs over the last decade or so, I never considered myself a fan. I knew nothing about him other than what he was screaming about in his music—and honestly, I was cool with that. That all changed with my download of the Snapchat application. Once I hit the follow button on his page, I was hooked. DJ Khaled drew me into his universe in a way that I did not see coming—and as someone who has a genuine interest (and degree) in marketing, I was quite impressed.

With the direction that the world seems to be going, using some form of digital marketing is crucial for the success of a business or brand. DJ Khaled—whether it was obvious to him or not—used a number of digital marketing strategies to tremendously grow his brand and bring him to the level of success that he has reached today.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the approaches that worked for him.

The first—and by far the most profitable—technique that has helped DJ Khaled is social media marketing, primarily through the Snapchat app. According to Neil PatelSocial media marketing is the process of creating content that you have tailored to the context of each individual social media platform in order to drive user engagement and sharing--and Khaled has done just that.

He took Snapchat’s unique feature of sharing short videos, maximized on it and made it his own. When this app was doing it’s best a little over a year or two ago, I don’t know anyone who snapped more than him—to the point where it was like, “Okay my guy, relax.” But he didn’t relax, and it’s a good thing that he didn’t because it worked for him. He used Snapchat to not only share videos of his personal life, but to also promote any upcoming albums, concerts, books, appearances, fan meet-ups, and anything else he might have had going on.

Though I will admit that I saw way more of his life than I needed to—shirtless dancing, his wife in labor, him getting a ticket for speeding on a jet ski—it was also pretty awesome to see inside of his home life and view his personality outside of the music. These little extra things, in addition to his positive and contagious energy, kept me coming back to his stories day after day. They made him relevant to me and a real person who I could relate to in many ways. No, some of us may not have jet skis just yet, but I’m sure we do have loved ones and can appreciate someone who works hard to achieve their goals.

I know that we are normally told that we shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but maybe this is something that we should reconsider? It seemed and still seems to be the winning formula for DJ Khaled.

Repetition. Repetition. See what I did there? Repetition is one of the easiest methods of persuasion and DJ Khaled uses it to exhaustion. Whether you are listening to a song where he is repeating his infamous lyrics or sayings--Another One! We The Best! Major Key! I like that! Don’t ever play yourself! More Wins!--or seeing his repeated posts of some upcoming event or product he is promoting, something is going to stick. Repetition ensures that if someone misses something the first time, they can get it the second or third time around. Sure, it can get quite annoying and overwhelming at times, but when used correctly, it can be an extremely useful weapon to have in your marketing arsenal.

Repetition is one of those things that just works.

The last digital marketing approach that I’ll be sharing today is influencer marketingInfluencer marketing is a form of marketing in which the focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole.

Collaborating with the right people has taken Khaled’s career to levels that it may not have reached otherwise. He has been in commercials, movies, and as I mentioned before, is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. By having his products advertised on other influential celebrity social media channels, people who may not have ever heard of him, are now buying his products and essentially supporting his brand.

I have seen him collaborate with such people as Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, P. Diddy, Naomi Campbell and many more. Each of these celebrities target extremely different audiences, so by working with them, DJ Khaled was able to extend his reach to more people than he ever could have on his own. Through having them promote his products, people who trusted these celebrities decided that he could be trusted too. This is a form of “Social media listening” and is directly connected to word of mouth marketing—which is still one of the most powerful tools out there for business success.

With the growth of social media, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to make your name and your brand known. All it really takes is a retweet or a testimonial from a “reputable source” for your business to reach new levels.

It seems like we can all learn a thing or two from DJ Khaled’s genius digital marketing strategies. Social media, working with influencers, and repetition are all key ways to grow your business and make yourself and your products known. Have you used any of these strategies?

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