Top 9 Reasons You Need to Be Blogging

Top 9 Reasons You Need to Be Blogging

If you are a small business owner in the year 2018 and don’t have an active blog on your website, you are losing in so many ways.

Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not just for the travel, fashion, or food enthusiast to share stories and photos of their encounters. It’s a tool, that when used wisely, can do some pretty amazing things for your company and your brand.
The benefits are nearly countless but here are nine things that having an active blog for your business can do for you as a business owner.

1. Distinguish your brand as an industry leader
Writing about and addressing challenges that your target audience is facing makes you a reliable source of information. This is a powerful way of showing that you are knowledgeable and confident, which are two characteristics that people are naturally drawn to.

2. Search Engine Optimization
Blogging is a great way to increase your SEO. Relevant, keyword optimized content is still one of the best ways to leave your competitors behind in the search engine results page.

3. Interaction
A blog is another channel of communication and engagement between you and your audience. They are able to see more of the personality behind the brand, which makes them feel connected to you on a different level. Blogging also allows you to strengthen existing relationships and cultivate new ones. According to an article written in Forbes, one of the most important types of engagement is shares—and well written blog articles are likely to be shared frequently.

4. Low Cost Advertising
Since there isn’t normally an additional cost associated with adding a blog to your website, it is the perfect place to slide in some shameless plugs about your business. You can push your services, discuss any promotions you might be having, or talk about any products, speaking events, or anything else which may be of value to your clients that might be coming up in the near future. It’s your page, so you can focus on whatever you choose to, but don’t overdo it. No one wants to feel like the only reason that you want to build a relationship with them is so you can sell to them.

5. Increase Sales
With more website traffic, comes more leads, and if those leads are cultivated correctly—more sales. People will buy from who they feel a connection with and your blog is a great way to elaborate on your unique selling proposition. What sets you apart from your competition? Why should people subscribe to your e-mail list and support your business? Finding a way to articulate the answers to these questions on your blog is a solid way to gain brand loyalty and in turn generate and increase sales.

6. Brand Awareness
If you want to make yourself and your brand known to your target audience, your business needs a blog. Your blog allows you to speak freely about the experience that you have in your niche. It also lets you show a side of your personality that your subscribers may not be able to see otherwise. As I mentioned earlier—connection leads to loyalty. Showing that you are a real person with a real personality lets your audience see the face behind the business, which speaking from experience, makes a big difference.

7. Stay Up to Date on Market Trends
Blogging forces you to stay on top of things. Depending on what your industry is, things in the marketplace can change rather frequently. Because of this, what you wrote about two months ago might now be completely irrelevant and outdated. People want new and fresh information. So, if you want your blog to be one of the ones that people bookmark, subscribe to, and mention in conversations with others, you have to do your homework and stay closely connected to the interests of your audience!

8. Organic Traffic
Many organizations use paid advertising to generate traffic to their websites and this is definitely a great option for those with a budget to do so. However, not every small business owner or solo entrepreneur is in a position to utilize that option. Blogging offers a low cost way to position your content in such a way that it is optimized for search engines therefore bringing in an organic audience. These are people who have found your blog through searching for content that your blog offers, as opposed to searching for your company or business name directly. It won’t happen overnight though, so be prepared to write about 24–50 articles before seeing your website traffic begin to pick up.

9. Address Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns
Having a blog gives you a streamlined way to directly address the questions and concerns that your customers approach you with time and time again. On social media, the amount of information that you are able to provide in a post is limited to a particular character count, whereas in a blog, you can go into as much detail as you feel necessary. This is a benefit that a lot of businesses don’t take advantage of, but should.

Blog It Out
As a content writer and social media manager for small businesses, I make it extremely clear to my clients just how important and necessary blogging is. It’s such an easy way to connect and share in depth information about your brand, products, and services with your audience. If you don’t have an active blog for your business, you are missing out on opportunities, free feedback, business connections, and financial gain. Don’t waste another day. Blog. Blog. BLOG.

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