Top 5 Reasons Introverts Make the Best Social Media Managers

Top 5 Reasons Introverts Make the Best Social Media Managers

For many years, people have viewed introverts as shy, selfish people who are concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than the things and people that surround them. It was a personality trait that was looked down upon from elementary school all the way up into adulthood and extroverts were the ones who were always in the spotlight. They were popular and their outgoing personalities caused people to flock to them. For these reasons and more, it was very surprising to me, a fellow introvert, to discover that some of the most successful people in business are actually introverts as well.

Did you know that Rosa ParksBarack ObamaMark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and JK Rowling are all introverts? Can you imagine the year 2018 without the impact of these four people?

There are many factors that go into being a strong and adept leader — and introverts possess a great deal of these qualities. In the area of digital marketing, more specifically social media management, a majority of the tasks are completed by one employee or a very small team. Therefore, even though this position has the word “social” in it, it’s not necessarily designed for a person who is outgoing and needs to spend a majority of their time surrounded by people.

Introverts have proven to be some of the best managers in the world.

Here are 5 qualities of introverts that would make them perfect for your company’s social media manager (SMM) position.

1. Independent
Introverts are usually very independent people by default. Due to their lack of interest in constantly being surrounded by groups of people, they spend a good amount of time alone. They tend to do their best work in a calmer type of environment and don’t require constant supervision or instruction in order to be productive. This is an excellent characteristic to have in an SMM because eighty percent of the time, they work alone and seeing as how this position is usually outsourced or remote, an introvert would be the perfect fit.

2. Thoughtful
There’s an interesting quote that I stumbled upon recently — and although it was pretty funny, it also proved to be a solid word to the wise.

“Think once before you act, twice before you speak, and three times before you post on Facebook.”Sometimes, in business, tough decisions will have to be made and tough situations will have to be faced. In SMM, one common challenge that many businesses face is figuring out how to increase their reach and make their content interesting enough that it is constantly being shared on different social media platforms. You will need someone on your team who is able to sit down and brainstorm on the best ways to achieve this and other short and long-term goals — not one who will just run with the first thought that comes to mind.
Introverts tend to be extremely pensive and take time out to think carefully before reacting to a problem or making important decisions. They weigh the pros and cons of what their actions could lead to and, in turn, react in a more thoughtful and professional manner than extroverts when faced with figuring out solutions.

3. Great Listeners
Being a good listener is a quality that one needs to succeed in a majority of life’s areas. Whether it’s at school, in a relationship, or in the workplace, chances are that if you aren’t good at listening, you will eventually miss something important or fall short. Thankfully, introverts are exceptional listeners. This is in part due to the fact that they prefer to keep their business to themselves and feel uneasy when asked to get too personal.

As someone who would be involved in the day to day social media conversations, comments, likes and dislikes, an introvert would be able to listen and make sense of what customers and followers are really saying and help the business form a game plan or tweak the current one based on their analysis. Consumers know when you are really listening to them and if they feel that their opinions are valued, you will have loyal, repeat customers who are happy to tell others about their positive experiences with your business or brand.

4. Calm Demeanor
Not everything that will be shared on your company’s social channels will be positive. This is where a calm demeanor comes in handy. Introverts are usually calmer than extroverts when faced with an uncomfortable or stressful situation and their energy causes those around them to feel more relaxed as well. When things start to get a little crazy, it’s usually an introvert who helps to keep people grounded long enough to begin seeking solutions and perform damage control.

5. Detail Oriented
Paying close attention to detail is something that can be seen as both a positive and a negative, depending on the situation. When speaking of organizational structure, however, it is an AMAZING trait to possess! Oftentimes, in the hustle and bustle of running a business or performing our day to day duties, we can sometimes overlook important things. This can of course happen to anyone — but it’s an occurrence that happens less with an introvert.
Introverts tend to take their time when making decisions because they like to study and understand the situations that are presented to them thoroughly. They do their best to see things from different perspectives in order to make objective determinations. This is what makes them excellent problem solvers and critical thinkers who can help bring your business the solutions that you have been searching for.

You Can’t Go Wrong
Yes, introverts have qualities that lead people to believe that they may be shy or unwilling to participate at work, but as you have just read, this is not the case. Introverts are some of the hardest working people at the office and because of their excellent listening skills and ability to sort through issues on their own, they are extremely useful.

With the area social media management continuing to grow and the demands that the position involves — as far as being able to work independently a majority of the time, listening to followers and responding thoughtfully, and remaining calm when handling tough inquiries or negativity online — an introvert might just be the piece of the puzzle that you have been searching for.

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